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Transformer oil T 1500

Transformer oil T 1500
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Hasanov Aydin Cefer
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T-1500 GOST 982-80 (with amendments No. 1-3) OKP - transformer oil from low-sulfur oils of sulfuric acid and selective purification. It is used for casting transformers, oil circuit breakers and other high-voltage equipment as the main electrical insulating material.
Oil T-1500 combines high insulating properties with the properties of an active cooling medium and heat carrier. In oil circuit breakers, it performs the function of an arc extinguishing medium.
T-1500 oil contains an antioxidant additive ionol (2,6 ditertiary butyl paracresol), which provides the most important property of the oil - stability against oxidation, and reliably retains all its performance characteristics during long-term operation.
T-1500 oil does not contain water and mechanical impurities, which ensures high dielectric strength of the oil.
According to the international classification of transformer oils, T-1500 belongs to class II (for northern regions with a pour point not higher than -45 ° C).
Transformer oil T 1500

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на Флагма с 19 апреля 2018

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